5.15.08 show


No, there was not any heresy on today's show, but I can picture the "Catholic Taliban," as Lino describes them, going nutty over Lino talking about not wanting to go to Mass all the time, and sometimes "hating" going to confession. It's not something you would normally hear on normal religious radio, but then again, this isn't your normal catholic radio: this is edifying, honest quality programming on a channel that has blessed my life more than I can ever describe.

Lino was able to take something like running, which he is not a fan of, and give it a theological spin: sometimes we do HATE going to church, talking to God, studying scripture, and so forth...but we do it anyways, because it's a sign of obedience and love for Christ. The honesty that Lino gives us, actually admitting what all of us know and struggle with, on a religious radio station is something that should be the rule, not the exception.

It was illustrated when a personal trainer (who was a joy to listen to: I wish she would call in more often) called the show, telling him that she couldn't believe that this show was on The Catholic Channel when she first listened to, because of the laughter and "shooting the bull." Lino asked the obvious question: why don't we call out the "boring" catholic radio and criticize them for not being funny, for not being entertaining, which would draw more people into conversation about the faith. The personal trainer, who told Lino that he needed more structure and discipline in his life, said that she looks forward to the show every day.

Once again, the crew was kind enough to plug the blog. Much appreciation for that one, although we were commanded by the under-appreciated Lou to keep the criticism to a minimum. Which, of course, motivates me to find something to criticize.

So what do I dislike? Not enough Gus Loyd! Hopefully the crew will get some more sound bites of the morning guy soon. Anytime Gus Loyd pops up on the show puts a smile on my face.

And for the rest of the show, we had "Let's Make A Catholic Deal." I can't believe people miss the some of the Bible trivia questions. I mean really, who doesn't know that Jonah was in the belly of a fish for three days? If I didn't have the busiest day of work on Thursday, I'd call in and win that Pope Bottle Opener easily.

I hear a sick day calling.

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