Starting to dig Ryan

By Doug INK

I am starting to dig Ryan and feeling more and more confident that the new CGS is going to be the improved CGS. He seems more comfortable everyday. Starting to grasp what the show is about. Like most of us when first tuning in the show caught us a little of guard. It wasn't exactly what we expected. Think of what Ryan had to step into on Monday. Going on the air live in front of a international audience would be nerve racking enough. Then Lino immediately starts pointing out your faults. I mean the first impression Lino left us about Ryan is that he didn't know how close to be to the mic. Then has Lou shut off his mic several times during the first part of the show. Welcome to the show!!!!

But day 3, Ryan is standing in there. Throwing more and more fun lines out. Standing up for himself and at times frustrating Lino. Best example: During the Wheel of News. Lino get on Ryan about the article he's reading. Lino then asks Ryan what was his first mistake. Ryan shoots back, "Signing up for this job". Funny stuff. Solidify, my belief in the future of the show.

One quick shot at Lino. I find it very humorous when Lino cajoles and harasses the audience and crew. Lou seems to be getting more than usually,lately. (I mean shots from Lino that is .) Lino runs the show like a good dictator. (He's probably not a dictater but I think it is a funny word because if said right it sounds dirty.) The hang up section during the Star Wars poll was hilarious. I also find it funny how Lino can be so intensed about some vernacular. For instance, it frustrated him that he wanted to call Star Wars Episode IV the first one. When in true Star Wars vernacular it is IV. It is in the title. Yet, when a person emailed about the "Sacrament of Confession", Lino was quick to point out it is the "Sacrament of Reconciliation". Or how mispronounced words can drive him crazy. Yet, when reciting an act of contrition, Lino clearly said "hardly sorry" not "heartily sorry". A mistake made often with this prayer but two completely different meanings.

I still think Lino is awesome and really he is the person who makes the show what it is. There were doubts whether a foil to Lino could be found after that chick producer left. Question answered. Looking forward to today's show.

Gotto Go late for work and my wife is giving me the stink eye. God Bless Her. Honestly, she amazes me. I am sure it is not easy to live with a person with an addiction.

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2 Responses to Starting to dig Ryan

  1. I think Ryan's doing great too Doug.

    Like I had said in an email to Lino -- the show won't be the same without Maureen and Tom, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing.

    In some ways, it just showcases Lino's talent at being able to roll with the punches (and as you point out - take them too)

  2. Ryan seems to fit in very well there. He seems like a nice guy who's actually interested in Catholicism... Wasn't too crazy about him teasing Lino at the end of Thursday's show by saying "You're retarded," though. I thought that crossed the line, but we'll give the guy a break cuz he's new.