What I learned from Lino's Therapy

By Doug INK
This post actually is a day late. Lino's "Free Therapy Tuesday" is the inspiration behind it. Yesterday, during that segment certain things Lino said resonated to me. It convicted me of some of my own failings. It made me realize one of the reasons I enjoy TCG and Lino is that I can relate to so much of what Lino says. His frankness on issues is refreshing because it allows me not to feel like a freak because I have many of the same thoughts he does.

One thing Lino mentioned is that he struggles with perfectionism. Believe it or not I do too. My past spelling and grammatical errors would attest to something else. I have started and stopped writing this post several times. Not quite liking how I started. Rehashing it over and over in my mind. Coming back to the computer starting over, hating what I've written. Rehash, rewrite, rehate. (I know it's not a word, I did it to deal with my perfectionism). Plus often once I write a blog I get super crazy until someone comments on it. I have even considered at times making up fake names just in case no one comments on it. To have a back up plan. Speaking of fake names, I called in today during the "What is Lino Whistling" segment with a fake name. It is a funny name if said in conjunction with the city I mentioned but Christine messed it up by listing only the state. I'm going to try it again though. It might be one of those jokes that only I'll be laughing at but hey, I'd be laughing.

Anyway, back to the point of this blog : Lino's honesty. Another thing Lino mentioned he struggles with is jealousy. Yep, me too. I have issues with this in the real world but for the sake of this blog I will only mention TCG related ones.

I get jealous that I don't have a cool nickname like Bad Connection Bob. I made up my own nickname, Doug In Kansas. More to the point, I forcibly pilfered Catholic Guy vernacular and made it my own. Shameful. Plus I resort to calling in with fake names for my own amusement. I also get jealous that BCB is so great on the radio. I wish I could be as cool as he is.

I've found myself being jealous of Dan and dustin. Two groundbreaking CG fans. Envious of their computer skills. I often want to make my post look like theirs. But when I put a link in it is not a neat little link it is a two line listing that looks like a drunk monkey attacked my keyboard.

I found myself even envious of Lino. For instance, when he mentioned he went out to eat all by himself on Saturday night. Just sat at a table, eating dinner, reading a book. I was jealous. Man what I would do for that. I have a wonderful wife and 5 great kids. What I don't get with that is solitude. They find me. I can't even go to the bathroom without interruptions. A sad indictment on my life, my kids figure that the bathroom is the most logical place to find me. By the way, I might be spending more time there now that I have purchased "The Bad Catholics Guide to Good Living". It is written in one to two page stories, really, a perfect bathroom reader. But perhaps I have shared to much).

The point is that I am not proud of these thoughts. I have much to be grateful for. dustin somehow found my blog on some obscure myspace page and invite me here where people can actually read my rants. I am part of the LinoNation. I should be content and grateful. But sinfully, I don't always appreciate all the blessing God has given me. I am too busy trying to count the other guys blessings. Lino is a successful TV personality, three Emmy's ( I'm sure he'd want me to mention that. He is the cornerstone to a radio show that is listened to enthusiastically everyday by people who adore him. Yet, he to struggles with some of the same sins I do. It makes me realize I have to be content with what I have. Because even if I was given what I thought I wanted I would still be too into what the other guy has that I don't. That is what I learned from Lino.

Of course, I am paranoid about posting this because Father Jim has proclaimed Dan's blog as the best. Man, I'm so jealous

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4 Responses to What I learned from Lino's Therapy

  1. Thanks for the compliment, although my web skills are hardly what i'd call talent.

    All jokes aside, this blog would suck without you. Thank you for your contributions. :)

  2. Hey Doug,

    Thanks for the funny and very honest post. I have a lot I'd like to say in response, but I'll have to save that for another blog entry... which I'll have to do tommorow cuz otherwise I'll be working on this blog all night.

    We really need social lives. :-)

  3. In the words of the Great Lou Rugieri - "a solid B" Doug...lol.

    Don't be too jealous - you've had more than your share of blog entries of the month

  4. MaeMae says:

    I agree with you Doug! There are so many times I'm ready to yell, "Get out of my head, Lino!" at my radio. It's kind of freaky, but also a good reminder that we're all human and have many of the same quirks, insecurities, and especially, sense of humor.