May my kumquats cause me discomfort if today's show wasn't a 13.62, +/- 1.7692. For those unbelivers, doubters or those who are confused, I don't give a schemp. Perhaps if you had a pair that wasn't in anguish, you'd have caught the first 15 minutes of today's show :-P

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2 Responses to LINOSPEAK

  1. DAMN - Beat by Doug In Kansas again... I was thinking the same thing - wanted to get a picture of a Kumkwat and got busy, distracted...

  2. Doug INK says:

    Father, seems like I listened to my recorded show before you did ;-)
    As they say, Great minds think alike, of course, that probably means idiots do too. I couldn't get a photo of a kumkwat. I have my parental restrictions set to high.