LOCO Moments

More indications that I am LOCO (Lino Obsessive COmpulsive). I am always honored when this site or myself in particular gets a positive mention on TCGS. So it was thrilling for me to hear Lino read my Wednesday blog. He is so professional and makes it sound so intriguing and interesting. It was the high point of my day. I had to mention the incident to my wife. She looked at me with the same prideful eyes my parents viewed me at my high school senior awards night when my lone achievement was being the unanimous selection for "Class Clown".

Other LOCO moments:

* For some reason the song "Brandy" crossed my mind the other day. Of course all avenues in my brain intersect with Lino street. I was frustrated that I didn't think of that song while Lino was talking about his cave girl. It would have been a great song parody as song by Lino:

Bedouin your a fine girl

What a good wife you would be

But the joy, the love of my life is me

*I am selective about what gas stations I fill gas at. Not so much paying attention to which ones have gas a few cents cheaper, rather which ones have those huge metal shelters. Can't fill under those from 3 to 6 cst. Satellite radio won't work. And I am afraid that by disrupting the signal for a few minutes the recording will stop or be defective.

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