An Ode to the Catholic Connection

The odds weren't good for Father Jim that day,
Lino leading the series, for the most part, in every way,
Catholic Connection was the game, the Priest often forced to grovel
with his few lines to connect the sound, while Lino writes a novel

But thats why they play the game, it's said,
though thats not breaking news,
You never know what you'll get from the listener's point of view

dustin was the first to strike, on the sound of Christmas bells,
a vote for Father Jim and the wrath of Lino's yells

A phone ringing was the next sound for the guys to take heed
Clint from Harrisburg gave Father a 2-0 commanding lead

A pass on wolves howling, led to some organ playing
no inappropriate jokes were told,
want to keep their jobs, (or so crew was saying)

A mumbling Philly Vince was quickly put on hold,
Cathy in St. Petersburg, a vote Father Jim, an upset to unfold?

It was now 3-0 and Lino was getting sick
One more vote against him the game was the Appendix'

Richard in Regina wanted a no hitter,
he gave the deciding vote to Padre,
Lino knew the game was in the **itter.

A vindictive Vince From Philly,
continued the trend for laughter,
it was great to serve up Lino's hind end on a platter

Desperate to save some pride,
Lino relied on some help from the inside,
But Lou didn't take the bait, he knows a comedic trend
a 7-0 victory by Father would help the week end.

But then Father made the fatal plan,
putting the shutout in Christine's soft hearted hands,
When given the chance for the great segment to succeed,
she gave us a version of a ball through Buckner's knees.
A sympathetic vote for Lino, left all unsatisfied,
rumor has it that even Gus Loyd cried.

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3 Responses to An Ode to the Catholic Connection

  1. Doug,

    Most of your posts are funny. This one put hysterical tears in my eyes.

    Great job. Post of the year.

  2. Alice says:

    Thanks! I missed most of the segment . . . it's nice to see it summed up so wonderfully :)

  3. oskiwow says:

    A+ on the idea and concept, A on the content, B- on the meter.

    -mike in Burbank (poetry police)