No Bulb For YOU!!!

In the spirit of Festivus, Linofans failed to unite in the raffle for Lino's bulb. Falling about $20 short of the $282 needed in the pooled effort to acquire the unique Lino artifact. I am sure it was more of a matter of not trusting a blogger with an pseudo name than not wanting to throw some love Lino's way.

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2 Responses to No Bulb For YOU!!!

  1. No actually it wasn't you Doug... We love Doug INK... $300 for Lino's Christmas ball - that's too much - and sorry I don't trust Martha Stewart with any financial stuff..

  2. Doug in Kansas, maybe next year Lino will auction off TWO Christmas balls, and donate them to charity. With advance prep, all of us could bid on Lino's Christmas balls!