Upon his further elaboration - I'd say, Lino's NOT engaged.

Till he puts a ring on that girls finger and gets down on one knee... it ain't real.

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4 Responses to ENGAGED or NOT

  1. oskiwow says:

    c'mon fr jim. think of the humor opportunities you'd have on Friday if you *did* agree that it was legit...

  2. oskiwow says:

    example: "sound of glass breaking"

    fr jim: "when i think of broken glass, i think of broken promises. one should endeavor to keep their promises, especially to God. those who break their promises -- like contracts, proposals for marriage, etc. -- are not being God-like at all. God keeps all of his promises..."

  3. oskiwow says:

    hahaha... she called him her "fiancee!"

    it's so over!

  4. He teases her via text about being engaged and then on the same show admits she is not his best friend. Yeah, I'd be crushed.