Friday Afternoon, 26 Minutes to The Catholic Guy Show

Here's what I'm doing:

  • Realized that this past week has been full of new segments, and not enough love has been given to Jared. God bless Jared Rizzi.
  • Given up trying to convince Lino that there is nothing unmanly about chatting, facebook or otherwise. If chat was good enough for the folks at DARPA, then it can't be unmanly, right?
  • Remembered that the Willits (of the Catholics Next Door, you know, the show that comes after the Dog and Pony Show) might call into Lino's show if Jennifer gives birth this afternoon! I wonder if Lino will take their call. Regardless, please pray for Greg and Jennifer and their soon-to-be new baby girl;
  • 15 minutes to Lino. Am interested to hear how Lino's man-chats went last night. Lino gave me two responses before he left me hanging. I must not have been witty enough. Or I could have been too manly in my chatting. Or maybe I didn't say enough good things about the show. Or maybe my Ron Astorino smurf jokes are just way too old.

Note to self: must provide support to Lino Rulli ... I mean Ruggieri later. I am in his mafia after all.

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