Minor Confessions

The show had a new segment the other day call "Minor Confessions". (I'm not sure but I think my kids watch a show with a similar name on Nickelodeon the other night). The segment basically was a way for people to admit to smaller sins. Little indiscretions to trivial to bring to the confessional. Here are some of my CGS related confessions.

I found myself getting jealous and angry when Lino mentioned he was online chatting with listeners one night. It frustrated me that I have been so busy with work that I have had little time to spend at the computer online. Couldn't Lino have done chatting in the summer when I'm not so busy? Jealousy and anger are bad enough but how wrong is it that I don't appreciate the blessing of a good business. Plus, tonight at work, I curiosity got the best of me and I had to check out facebook to see if Lino was chatting. He was. I chatted. Minor confessions forthcoming, how bad is it when the boss slacks in his duties in order to vainly try to attempt to chat with an on air personality. The only people who care are those who listen to the show and are as shallow as me. Plus by posting this fact I probably am making other angry and jealous so that in itself is a minor sin.

I like the new segment. It helps me examine my conscience for all my minute sinful tendencies. It occupies enough of my mind and time that I don't have to deal with the real big issues in my spiritual life.

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2 Responses to Minor Confessions

  1. segment needs to be continued. It sure made me think hard about some of the little things that are done which can lead to real sins.

    While driving, often I will start to get upset at some jerk who did something stupid. If I don't catch myself, I can even start doing stupid stiff myself instead of just taking a deep breath and reminding myself of how much more driving I have left to do.

  2. Minor confessions was a fantastic segment.