Looking ahead to this week

As Monday approaches, there are many questions that we'll should see answered this week. Among the few I'm looking forward to the most:

• Lino Rulli proclaimed to the world that the Arizona Cardinals would win the Super Bowl (they lost, but barely). Will the close game have any effect on his bets he made all willy-nilly last week?

• Lino Rulli has been quiet about the girlfriend lately. Has that relationship fizzled, or is it just a comfortable thing now to where he doesn't have to mention it as often (I vote the latter of the two, as I am convinced that an engagement COULD happen as early as October).

• Jared created Hot, Rich or Pious. Will we see another breakout segment from the greatest producer in catholic radio history?

• Many months ago, Lou said he was going to put 'The Godfather' on the top of his Netflix list. Has Lou finally gotten around to watching the best movie ever made?

• Will Christine talk?

• I'm putting the over-under on Lino's man-chat sessions this week at 5 hours. Speaking of creepy, did Lino have a date with Lino this weekend? Did he get that lightbulb changed?

• When it comes to being a great program director, is Ron still short on talent?

• Is Lou any closer to getting his own weekend show?

• And finally, last week was a great batch of shows. Will this week top them?

As you ponder these things in your heart, take some time to pray for the good fellas of Sirius as they still search for a Spiritual Director.

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1 Response to Looking ahead to this week

  1. Christine talks! She's just more responsible with what she says!