Ah, how obvious...

Greg Willits, Mr. WAM himself, has 1,018 followers on twitter.

Lino has only 109.

Could this be why Lino was not happy about his tweeting yesterday?

Thank God we're not judged by the number of Twitter followers we have.

(St. Michael, pray for us!)

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4 Responses to Ah, how obvious...

  1. I do hope Lino will stay with Twitter. It can be a very useful tool.

    Lino, you might get more followers if you start following in return. It's okay, it's not creepy!

    Give it a try before you become a Twitter Qwitter. Ron Astorino has a Twitter account, and has almost no followers.

  2. Hey, at least those of us who follow Lino,whether it is twitter or anywhere else, love Lino, all 109 of us, and we're not just some people off the street.Thats what counts.

  3. You can follow Lino anywhere but I will always follow Christ Our Lord since He won't lead me into sin.

  4. I hate to say it, but it is because of Lino, that I follow Christ Our Lord very close.He told me to become a Catholic 8 years ago and I listened and I don't regret it.He has taught me more than anyone could imagine.
    Following Lino is just for fun and believe me, alot of us could use some fun.Life is tough.