How much is too much Lino Rulli?

It all started about two years ago when I (half-jokingly) created the now-dormant Unofficial Lino Rulli Fan Club on Myspace. When Lino first mentioned the newly formed fan site on the air, he proudly (and accurately) announced that his fan club was "two members strong!" The fan club, for various reasons, eventually morphed into what we now know as, with a whole crew of writers contributing to the effort.

Now I can't even count how many Lino Rulli and Catholic Guy Show related fan sites there are out there between Myspace, blogger, Facebook, and Twitter.

So here's the question: Is there ever too much Lino? (Note: We know how you would answer, Lino!)

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1 Response to How much is too much Lino Rulli?

  1. Since the Tweeter and Facebook sites are under Lino control I guess he can have them. Just don't expect me to join.

    I like the fan controlled site myself. Better content here.