Showcasing Twitter

Lino needs Twitter followers. Honestly, if he gets almost a hundred more, he gets to take Fr. Dave out to lunch. There's no victory in it for us, other than our favorite Catholic Guy becoming more popular (and thus increasing the size of his ... paycheck).

So to alleviate that, there's been a change to the blog. On the right of this post, there is a Twitter feed showing the most recent post from Lino himself, the blog, and some account called Fake Lino.

The difference in the three is simple. Lino's twitter updates keep the world updated on what he's doing at any particular time. The Catholic Guy Show twitter feed is mainly updated by me whenever there's breaking news on the show, or upcoming segments of particular interest. Not run by Lino or his crew at all. And Fake Lino? Well, I have no clue who that man/woman is, only that it's a funny mockery of Lino. If the person behind Fake Lino reads this, I'd love to find out who you are, as the idea of a "Fake Lino Rulli" on Twitter is wildly hilarious.

Anyways, get on Twitter and follow away: it's the fastest way to get breaking Lino news (we twittered about Lino's Facebook relationship status turning single the moment he announced it on the radio).

Hopefully the sidebar will make this more visible and add to Lino's follower count. And keep you more in the loop as well.

The photo has nothing to do with anything. Although, if you could come up with a Catholic Guy Show-themed caption for it in the comments section, that'd be great.

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2 Responses to Showcasing Twitter

  1. Kip says:

    It would be very funny if Fake Lino Rulli turned out to be the Real Gus Lloyd!

    Eric in Alexis

  2. Kip says:

    Picture caption:
    See what's tattooed on my arm? Pope John Paul II's crest. Take that, all you Catholic Taliban!!

    Eric in Alexis