Mrs. Rulli on TCGS

On the Monday show, the listeners were given a real treat. Lino's visiting with his Mom on international radio. Personally, I would have been devastated if I missed it. Segments with Lino's Mom rank up there with the best. Funny, how a flabbergasted Lino is so entertaining. Knowing how I would have felt missing the segment, I felt as a fan club blogger it was my obligation to post the interview for all those who missed it. Or for those without Stilletos and the luxury of listening and laughing again.

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6 Responses to Mrs. Rulli on TCGS

  1. I Love that Lady. I wish she could be on more,I haven't heard her in a while. I would like to hear more stories of Lino when he was little and maybe she could send over some pictures, anything to embarrass him! Hes a lucky guy to have such a cool Mom and Dad.

  2. Kate says:

    That was awesome. She sounds like a great mom.

  3. I've always said Ron should give her some of the open time on Saturday mornings that Fr Paul was using before he died. It would be nice to have a Saturday morning live show for ladies and moms. Mama Rulli is a retired high school teacher and I'm sure she'd be greatly entertaining. I'm sure Lino inherited his talents from his Mom.

  4. Kate says:

    I would definitely go out of my way to listen to the Mama Rulli Show. She could easily carry a show on her own. And it would be SO NICE to hear a show hosted solely by a woman. There aren't enough of them.

    Funny Elaine, I was just thinking about Fr. Paul today and how much I miss him. I loved listening to him after Fr. Dave. I just can't get into the husband/wife shows at all.

  5. Romana1 says:

    LOL, oh my gosh, she sounds just like my mom!! Mrs. Rulli is awesome!! :)

    (First time poster here-I just started following this blog.)

  6. I was just honored to be mentioned in Mrs. Rulli's song - wow!