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dustin Faber (The 16-bit Catholic). - Blog designer, writer, lackey, straight-edge adherent. He converted to Catholicism after listening to Lino's show, also married a girl he met from listening to Lino's show. He loves the WWE and is having a baby in March. - dustinfaber.com,thecatholiclovebirds.com

Allicia - Catholic Guy ambassador. She was chosen in a write-in contest, with the other winner being Jason a truck driver (who we never hear from). The show was the reason that Allicia met site founder dustin Faber, fell in love, and married him, and is now expecting a child in March. - thecatholiclovebirds.com,twitter.com/alliwait

Elaine from North Carolina - One of two original Lino Fans. Before The Catholic Channel went live, Elaine was telling others about the channel. Elaine is a wife and mother and enjoys the writings of Luanne Rice. - facebook.com/elaine.payneElaine's Google+

Jim in ND - The original Doug in Kansas. Doug owns cattle and is an avid supporter of Lino Rulli. - Napoleon Livestock, Jim's Facebook

Krista the Intern - The intern for summer 2010. Krista updated us with behind the scenes information each week, and was an intern for the Busted Halo Show in 2011. At this rate, she'll have her own show on The Catholic Channel in two years. - twitter.com/kcdamore

Fr. Jim Chern - Catholic Guy show regular, resident priest. Father Jim digs the music of Oasis and loves the New York Yankees. We like to think of Fr. Jim as our blog's chaplain. He doesn't write, but is always around to keep us in line. - msunewman.com,chernjam.blogspot.com

LaJuan Tallo - Much of LaJuan is unknown. A woman shrouded in mystery, her writings are a throwback to a not so distant past, full of mystery, intrigue, and memories of days not long forgotten. - woundedfaithful.blogspot.com,twitter.com/lktallo

Jamie McAdams - Jamie is a man among men. His twitter feed is insanely funny. He once beat up Rey Mysterio Junior back in 1997. - Romancatholiccop.com,twitter.com/JamieMc4525

Paul Grant - Paul is responsible for the awesome picture of The Pope reading Lino's book!


Q: Does Lino pay you to write?
A: No. We do this for free. And for the joy of getting mentioned on air.

Q: How can I sign up to write?
A: We are not taking new writers at this time.

Q: What does Lino Rulli think of this blog?
A: We wouldn't know. He's very busy! Actually, he appreciates the work we do (he put down on his Facebook that the blog was MINT and tweeted about the redesign). After all, we are the positive place for Lino Rulli. And that's gotta be good for the ego.

Q: I want to say something mean about Lino. Where can I go?
A: Anywhere but here (but we really prefer if you never EVER say anything bad about Lino). Since this is a fan club, we keep things positive (and look for the good in anything negative). We do have a form letter on the Web site though if you need to say something bad.

Q: Who's the best looking writer on this blog?
A: Me. dustin Faber. And that will change until one of my colleagues notices this proclamation and issues a rebuttal. But even then, would you really believe them? Trust me on this. (UPDATE 01/12/12: It will always be dustin.)

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4 Responses to About Us

  1. I am sorry dustin but you really need to reconsider the answer to the last question on this section referring to the best looking contributor. I will stay positive and I am positive Cathy is the best looking... I've seen her facebook pictures.

  2. Allicia says:

    This colleage has noticed your proclimation of best lookingness, however cannot offer a rebuttal. I'm definately a cutie and will fight tooth and nail to be the best looking redhead contributor but dustin's cleverness to hide this question at the very bottom deserves the wins best looking overall. Cleverness is very important in judging good looks! ;) Allicia

  3. calvin says:

    I'm not sure why I'm sending this but evidently God has put this on my heart. This email is kinda choppy cuz I'm trying to type on my darn blackberry while my wife is driving down the interstate.

    Anyway, we are driving on a 5 hour trip, just her and I. We are waiting for your show to start. She loves it..... And because of the fact that she always has it on, it has been forced ( ha ha, just kidding ) on the kids and I. It has grown on me ( haha. Kiddin again ) and now I look forward to it as well when I have the rare opportunity to listen.

    My wive is a cradle catholic and I am a convert. Her faith is what saved our marriage and I am blessed to now have a wonderful catholic family. I have come to absolutely love my faith. Part of me loving catholicism, is coming across people like you who have a wonderful sense of humor and make the faith "fun".

    Anyway, I am getting carsick so will wrap this up! She has no idea I am sending this. I just wanted to let you know my wife Suzette loves your show and what you do is awesome. Keep up the great work and remember... We are staring at the interstate in total boredom: MAKE US LAUGH!

    God bless,

    Calvin Parker

  4. ever since the thing about mis piggy,i see a split screen image of miss piggy every time i see a good looking woman.im not kidding.i think its a good thing.?.thanx lino..i think?