Happy Birthday Fr. Jim! We didn't want your kidney anyway...

Fr. Jim is 40 years old!!! Wait, he's 39...ok, actually he's 36. We decided to throw him a Catholic Guy style birthday bash complete with cupcakes from NYC's famed Magnolia Bakery, beer and insults!
The first in a number of birthday surprises. We gave Fr. Jim a stolen "Seize the Day" Mug.
Lino thought it would be fun to have Fr. Jim play a round of "7 Deadly Questions". When asked "You have to give a kidney to ONE crew member, who do you choose-Maureen, Lou or Lino?", Fr. Jim answered LOU. Fr. Jim immediately regretted his decision once he opened Lino's incredibly thoughtful (and expensive) birthday present, an official Yankees jersey.
Fr. Jim psyched about the jersey. Lino distraught that he will not receive one of Fr. Jim's kidneys.
Up next, Maureen's gift for Fr. Jim. A Yankees Championship Christmas ornament. Did I mention that Maureen won't be receiving a kidney from Fr. Jim? Happy Holidays!
Brian from Busted Halo sat in for the festivities.
The surprises just kept coming. After the show Lino "Mr. Birthday" Rulli took Fr. Jim out for dinner at the best pizza joint in NYC.
Obligatory Purell break.
Fr. Jim enjoying the best slice of pizza in the country. Happy 36th!

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Fr. Jim! We didn't want your kidney anyway...

  1. That's good stuff! Poor Lou missed out on the fun!

  2. Allicia says:

    great photos Maureen. It's like we were there... ok, well not exactly but almost.

  3. This morning Gus thought he was giving away the first Seize the Day mug. I didn't call and burst his bubble!