TCGS Week in Review

At the beginning of the week, we posted our look ahead at the week. We asked questions, we demanded answers, and all we got were good shows. Good yes, but we wanted knowledge! And now we've got it ... in the form of looking back over the week. Note that Friday's show could change things up a little.

• Lino should have plenty of stories about Italy. His mom was there, so we should get a dose of Mama Rulli. Plus, I'm sure Lino will wrap up his dad's visit (if his dad isn't still there on his couch).

We got plenty of Rome stories, which was an easy call.

• The Minnesota Vikings are undefeated this season (7-0) when Lino is in the country. When he was gone to Italy, they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Will Lino explain this phenomenon, and take credit for Minnesota's success?

Not sure if Lino took credit, but we def heard about his Minnesota Vikings. Pretty sure he jokingly mentioned at one point that they probably wouldn't make it to the Super Bowl though. Favre was chosen for the role of Lazarus in Lino's Casting Couch as well.

• Is this the week the show gets a new phone screener? That's just speculation on my part, but it would be good timing to have the person start after Lino's vacation.

No phone screener this week, although Brian filled in for Lou on Thursday and answered calls.

• Will Lino take advantage of Halloween candy on sale?

Never mentioned.

• Will Maureen book Brett Favre, a practicing Catholic, to be on the show?

That didn't happen either. Favre is very busy, but he has a Bye week.

• Will Lou do pushups for charity?

Never happened either. Perhaps today is the day that Lou gives back to the world! :)

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