Cooling Down

I've cooled off from last night. Or have I?

I'm still annoyed by Notre Dame-Bucknell (a very mediocre December college basketball game) preempting the fun. The game didn't start until 6 p.m., they could have ditched pre-game stuff until then, since most of the pregame was the hosts hyping this game, going to commercial, teasing an interview with the coach, and then going to commercial break. So it wasn't until nearly 10 minutes into the pre-game that they went into any kind of substance.

The anger has been soothed by a good night's sleep, and getting to hear the entire thing today (I did record it last night, but was unable to listen due to having to work today). Replaying the thing is nice, but it'd be like your parents taking you to Disney World, leaving abruptly before you got to do the Tower of Terror (insert your own favorite ride there) for no reason at all, then taking you the next day. Yeah you get to go back to Disney World, but the fun gets ruined somewhat due to the delay and early unexplained departure.

Lino said not to blame Notre Shame or The Catholic Channel, that it was just a mistake, a glitch, and so on. I'm not going to stew over this, but I did fire off an email, and I suggest everyone else do the same...shows we pay to listen to each month shouldn't get preempted for pre-game talk. Fine, I understand contractual agreements with Notre Dame for actual games, but Sirius XM should try to restructure that contract in the future that gives them more flexibility over when games air.

No running diary for the lost 11 (available at, due to work, but I will have my thoughts on what should be a great show.

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