Kristan's Latin Liturgical Music Makeover

Okay, so I really love Kayla's Music Makeover. AND today on the show the crew discussed the Extraordinary Rite (aka Latin Mass). I'll admit, I've never attended a Mass completely celebrated in the Extraordinary Rite. I usually attend the Life Teen Mass at my parish.

During Lent, our pastor has been incorporating more of the chanting and the incense into the liturgy (youth going through puberty + chanting = humility ... kinda like "What's Lino Whistling?"). I've also been attending Daily Mass during lunch with my Lenten promise (yes, Lino - my boyfriend still goes with me. And I'm glad Anthony Buono thought it was cool), and the priest has been using a LOT more Latin than I'm used to. I find my self going "Agnus Dei ... and mumbling something so the people around me don't realize that I am a bit clueless.

But, alas - there is help from our friend Matt Maher!! Check out his first CD The End and the Beginning for some awesome liturgical music (including some English / Latin!) Listen to "Kyrie" and "Lamb of God" so that you too can sound Latin-savvy the next time you're at Mass and you hear some words that sound a little foreign.

In the meantime, I hereby nominate Fr. Rob to give us Latin lessons (in his best Fr. Rob impersonating Lino impersonating Fr. Rob voice!)

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