The 'R' Father

Lino is such a genius for introducing us to Mark Hart. (sorry Mark I gotta make it about Lino somehow!) Having Mark Hart of Life Teen on The Catholic Guy Show is like getting a prize in your box of Cracker Jacks; Cracker Jacks are awesome and if they forgot the prize you would still have a great snack, but who doesn't love that little something extra to make you smile. When The Bible Geek, Mark Hart, makes an appearance on Lino's show I always learn something amazing that I cannot stop sharing. (Thank you Lino for bringing Mark Hart into my life)

ok, enough buttering Lino up. Now for the real point of my post. Mark Hart of Life Teen has come out with a new book... If you listen to TCGS you would already know that, BUT you might not know it is now available to preview. The following was borrowed from Mark's facebook fan page:

"Hey everybody, I'm really excited and humbled by the positive feedback I've received about my newest book, The "R" Father. The link below will take you to a free preview of the Table of Contents, Introduction and first chapter.
I hope it blesses you in some small way. Thank you - again - to all of you that have contacted me about it!
Be God's!

I have read the preview and can honestly say this will be a good book, a great book, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of it. Mark has a way of saying things that you need to hear without making you think you need to hear them, almost like you should have known it all along and he is just reminding you.

I encourage everyone to read this newest delight from Mark Hart, and remind you to check out his other books while you are waiting for this one to arrive.

;) Ambassador Allicia

p.s. LINO- Are you still working on your book? We want to read that too!

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