Lino In Culture Thursday by Ambassador Allicia

I have long been hanging onto a post that is perfect for this and have been too lazy to post so I will get to that one of these days... But for the first Lino In Culture Thursday I share with you something amazing I stumbled upon last night-It had me thinking of Lino instantly. A game show hosted by Jerry Springer.

What does Jerry "you slept with my neighbors husbands ex sister in law" Springer have to do with our Lino "Catholics can have fun and stay reverent" Rulli? Well, Baggage of course!

The show is similar to most dating games: one "Dater" and three "Datees" they go through some form of selection and voila you have your potential life partner. The twist with this one: dirty little secrets, revealed one by one and the "Dater" decides what they can deal with and what is too much of a deal breaker to beginning a relationship. Brilliant. I believe Lino would be an excellent contestant.

The screening process may be a bit different since some of the baggage the contestants brought with them would be a bit vulgar for our audience. I don't think it would hurt Jerry Springer's ratings to have a man more open about his virtues trying to find a girl. I have included a link to the site, it should open to the video of the girl who most LOOKS like the kind of girl Lino is looking for. I specify LOOKS only due to the premise of the show.

Weeknights 6:30/5:30c on Game Show Network

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