Lino in Culture Thursday

At, we strive for originality. That said, sometimes we're unimaginative goofs, and it shows with this post. We're showing our unoriginality here by ripping off Busted Halo's Faith in Culture Thursday.

On Busted Halo's Faith in Culture (every Thursday from 7-10 p.m. ET on The Catholic Channel, Sirius 159, XM 117), the goal is simple: Find "secular" songs, movies, books, etc. that inspire your faith, that you can find the message of God in.

But instead of finding faith in the pop culture, we're finding Lino Rulli! It's a simple concept, but one we should always put to practice each day: If we aren't thinking about Lino every hour of every day, we're pretty bad fans! And yes, we're aware that the abbreviation is LICT. Write your own jokes.

So here we go, three songs that I can find Lino Rulli in.

The song is Unanswered Prayers by Garth Brooks, who tells the story of running into a high school crush along with his wife. He prayed that he'd end up with his crush, but now that he's married to a wonderful woman, he's thankful for those unanswered prayers.

I think of Lino when I hear this song because I hear his dating stories on the radio, and some of them are heartbreaking. Getting rejected after a few dates by someone he met online, or recounting a story of the girl he dated in college that he should have married. I really feel for the guy, but I KNOW God has someone wonderful for him in the near future. The woman Lino marries is going to be so wonderful and amazing to him, that he will thank God for the unanswered prayers he offered in the past.

Hang in there Lino. We are praying for you like crazy! Here is my second song, called "Whataya Want From Me," by Adam Lambert

This song makes me think of Lino and all the people who demand too much from him. People ripping him for taking a sick day, or those holier than thou Catholics who get bent out of shape when Lino tries to do a fun radio show that doesn't take itself too seriously. Some people are too demanding. What do you want from Lino? Give him a break!!

"There might have been a time, When I would give myself away, Oooh once upon a time I didn't give a damn, But now, here we are so whataya want from me, Whataya want from me."

Lino has talked about his past not being perfect, which fits into that line about not giving a damn. But now, here is on Catholic Radio, doing God's work and spreading the good news. What else do you want from him?

And finally, what LICT would be complete without the Foo Fighters?

The Pretender. Something Lino is not. The one thing that really turns people off from the faith is fake, homogenous piety. This holier-than-thou attitude permeated by so many people. But one thing Lino does well is avoiding that attitude, and coming across as the same kind of person we are: the person who has the same struggles we have from day to day. It's easy to relate to him, and that's what makes his show a must-listen to.

 He's definitely not a pretender.

Got your own Lino in Culture Thursday songs? Leave a comment!

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