Living In Lino's Sphere of Influence.

This week I was bound and determine to finally post a much overdue blog. My boy needed to have some corrective surgery and I have several days in the hospital. I'd just log online and listen and blog. Little did I know that the suits at Sirius/XM pulled a quick one on me. NO MORE FREE ONLINE SERVICE WITH A SUBSCRIPTION. Nope. $2.99 a month. Not grandfathered in or anything of the sort. Not going to happen. Don't use it enough. And yes, I know I could have done the free trial but then I have to go through the hassle of cancelling. So no CGS for me this week. GRIZZARD!!!!

However, my wife did not escape the sphere of Lino that I live in. Quite awhile back Jim Caviezel, yes Jesus from The Passion, was a guest on the show. He was promoting a film he was in, The Stoning of Soraya M. I found it was available to view instantly on Netflix so we were able to occupy some time doing that. A great show BTW, my wife loved it, but not a true substitute for TCGS.

Lino's influence can also be somewhat trying. Mark Hart says sometimes he closes his emails with Gal 5:12. General Translation, "May those who are annoying me, castrate themselves". I thought it would be fun to use that in my text signature. That is until one guy told me he didn't appreciate being threatened in a text. Now I know how Tim Tebow feels with the eye black. Bible quotes.No longer in my signature.

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  1. Anytime you want to borrow my online subscription you may do so. I pay the 2.99 a month for it and only use it once or twice. I would be happy to share. The only caveat is that when one person is using it another cannot (unless the iphone app is involved) shoot me an email (you should have it since you are a fellow writer) and I will hook you up with the info! Happy CGS to you. Hope the little one is recovering well. ;) Ambassador Allicia