The Lino Rulli Soundboard

Ever wanted to control what Lino Rulli says? Now you can with the Lino Rulli soundboard! Make the greatest radio host in the world say whatever you want with more than 40 quotes. It's great for prank phone calls, mock interviews, and when you just need more Lino than he can offer.

And if you run out of things to make Lino say, stay tuned: We'll add more Lino quotes to the playlist, along with Lou and Maureen soundboards, in the weeks to come.

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1 Response to The Lino Rulli Soundboard

  1. Enjoy this morning's show. Especially the prayer you shared that you say when facing a difficult person or situation: "God, Help Me to Love." A short but powerful prayer. Thank you for this.

    In searching for your site, I got sidetracked to the Catholic Guy in Australia. Left him the same message. Guess he'll be confused, eh?


    Joan Broge, a Senior Citizen