Lino updates relationship status

For what seemed like a million years (well, ever since we posted this), Lino Rulli has kept single as his Facebook relationship status.

Until this weekend.

In the words of Marty McFly, "This is heavy."

There are several theories circulating as to why the change was created. Such as, it being a cheap way to get listeners to tune in to Monday's Memorial Day show. Others thought it was Lino's way of telling us that he's in a relationship with God, or that he's seeing a doctor. Still, others expressed their heartfelt wishes and prayers that this thing could be real and successful.

What's our take at the fan site? We pray for Lino's happiness, and that his life takes the turns that God wants it to take. Others may disagree, but I strongly feel like Lino's call is to marriage (told him so on Friday's show). I pray for that vocation, and I am optimistic that there could be something legit behind this Facebook status update.

Perhaps that woman he kissed a few weeks ago (a story told to Anthony Buono) could be the reason for the change. Or perhaps it was someone that Lou and Maureen picked out for him. We have no idea: We're a fan site, not his biographer, and to act like we know the inside scoop on Lino's love life would be a lie.

Whatever it is, I'm praying it's a good thing*. And if it's from God, it damn sure will be.

* - A note to anyone that Lino might have dated or is currently dating, please note that we don't treat his relationship as schtick for the show or for this web site, and that we'd never do anything to humiliate or embarrass you. Along with praying for Lino, we also pray for you, and that your relationship with him will continue to grow spiritually, and that you both will be blessed abundantly.

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