The Intern Report: Week 3....Wow.


Rather than tell you about it, I'm just going to give you a week's worth of pictures with commentary. You won't be disappointed.

Alllll the way back on Monday, we had a "Win Lou's Money" first where two callers played head-to-head for Lou's money. Doesn't seem fair to Lou, but it happens. To make sure the callers couldn't cheat by listening in studio, Maureen tapped the receiver while the questions were asked to the other player.

Next, Tuesday was Lou's birthday!! To celebrate his 29th birthday, they started with a protein bar "cake."

Happy birthday Lou! :)

They also got him Muscle Milk, a cheesy singing card...

...and his very own Man Journal. Complete with Man Pen. And I gave him a gift card before the show, hence throwing Maureen and Lino under the bus. Whoops.

We also continued Lino's Countdown to 40 on Tuesday with Sister Anne. Great interview. Sorry your face is blocked, Lino.

Wednesday, Lino showed off his Conan shirt. Nice.

And now, the photos you've been waiting for: The Lino Lock In. This is the crew leaving the office like any other work day...except this time we're all going to Lino's apartment. What could go wrong?

We took pictures along the way for no reason. Lino also asked the crew every five minutes if they'd been to this area of NYC...they all had. Heck, I'm from Ohio and I had. He was bummed.

At dinner, Maureen had one glass of wine. Lino wasn't pleased.

Lou and I with our non-alcoholic beverages.

The three toast to Lou's birthday!

And now....Lino's apartment. We're pumped. And aww, look how happy Lino looks!

Maureen put her feet up and got comfortable. Lino was not amused.

On the balcony, which sadly is just darkness in this picture. Ah well.

Just relaxing, watching TV.

Quite possibly my favorite picture ever.

The contents of Lino's, really.

This is the small table beside the doorway. I count 5 Purell bottles.

And then we left. I know you all want more pictures of the apartment...and I DID see the San Damiano Cross...however, this was enough of a HR risk to begin with. The last thing we need is me, the 19-year-old intern, taking pictures in Lino's bedroom. Seriously. :P

So now to the Lock-In...

Here we go. In studio is Lino, Maureen, Lou, Fr. Jim Chern, Chelsea, Glenn (both college kids with Fr. Jim), and myself the intern. Someone from the neighboring sports studio looked completely perplexed about why there were so many of us here at midnight.

Lino and Fr. Jim, giddy. Also, Fr. Jim sans collar freaked out the crew.

Late in the show, it was a college kid showdown to see if Lino or Fr. Jim was a better guide to the faith. Glenn was Fr. Jim's representative, shown here feverishly writing.

Me, answering a question. And I won, booyah! Good thing, too-- 2:30am is a bad time to have your internship end and be thrown onto the streets.

You're reading that clock correctly...2:50am. The home stretch! Then we called Greg Willits and it was hilarious. Perfect ending to the show.

And that was this week in the Catholic Guy World. Not even sure what to say, except that it was awesome.

Back on Monday with a live show- have a great weekend!

Krista (or Barbara or Maureen Jr. or Gary) the Intern

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4 Responses to The Intern Report: Week 3....Wow.

  1. Well done, Krista! I don't care what they say, your name is great just as it is (although an 'n' would be a nice finishing touch) :)

  2. Catherine Ridella says:

    Unbelievably awesome!! I wish I were you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love Maureen's glasses!