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11:58 pm EST - the Popcaks just wrapped up their show ... get ready for some craziness!
12:01 am EST - Okay, I can't tell if they're on Starbucks, Mountain Dew, Red Bull, and Pixie Sticks. (btw, Maureen - I have a glass of wine with me, too - you're good)
12:04 am EST - Fr. Jim is wearing a t-shirt. Oh please. Priests are allowed to wear more than just a Roman Collar (and pants).
12:08 am EST - ICEBREAKER? Um, so are we going to go around and play "two truths and a lie" or something? When I've chaperoned Catholic Lock-Ins, the Icebreaker is followed by the rule "boys are blue, girls are pink - no making purple." That rule is out the window.

**side note, comments are open. why limit the discussion to the phone. TALK TO ME, PEOPLE! **

12:13 am EST - Lock in rules (what a buzz kill).
  1. No heresy
  2. No alcohol or illegal drugs
  3. No dangerous materials
  4. No firearms
  5. No one can leave the studio without the Lino pass (just like the women that are in Lino's apartment - HEY-O)
  6. No cursing
  7. No bare feet
  8. No taking the Lord's name in vain (didn't Moses say that)
  9. No video games, trading cards.
  10. Any violations will result in calling the parents Oh please call Mama Rulli!!!
  11. No hitting or name calling (am I in 3rd grade again??)
  12. No flatulence (what about silent bombs?)
12:23 am EST - Icebreaker - what's your favorite Commandment. My question is - can everyone in studio recite the Commandments?

12:35 am EST - what's up with trying to find a new name for Intern Krista? I mean, I think her name is cool, although it's missing an 'n' at the end. Just sayin'.

12:36 am EST - another rule ... no kissing?!? What about the listeners?? (HEY-O)

12:38 am EST - so Chelsea answers the question about the favorite commandment with "I'm going with my boyfriend ..." Did anyone else think this answer was going somewhere else? Like Commandment Six ...?

12:40 am EST - Lino comments about the First Commandment "I like to serve myself." HEY-O!!

12:46 am EST - Bible study MSNBC style ... I heard Maureen say "and my husband". Is that in the Bible, or was Maureen just saying random stuff?

12:49 am EST - Chelsea's favorite Bible verse - 2 Corinthians 11:30

12:51 am EST - Fr. Jim busts out the "NO PURPLE" when Chelsea apparently sniff's Glenn's armpit. **Note to my boyfriend - that is not a sign of affection. Don't even think about it.**

12:55 am EST - According to Maureen's wedding verse, cuddling is in the Bible. (Ecc 4:11). Maureen quasi-drunk texts Lino. HEY-NOW

12:58 am EST - Just about an hour into the show and no callers?

1:03 am EST - On the West Coast, ER reruns on Lifetime are over and I tried to call in and there is a recording. This is a scam!!!!

1:08 am EST - Ambassador Allicia is ready to play "What the fans want to know" ... apparently it's in the PG range. BOOOO. And why can't the rest of us call in and say hey?

1:09 am EST - the first question - "Does Lino kiss on the first date?" Yes. Fr. Jim rules that Lino is still chaste (is Fr. Jim the official chaperone of Lino's dates???)

1:11 am EST - 2nd question - "If you walked into a room full of gorgeous, single, catholic, Italian women between the ages of 26-36 and loves the Foo Fighters, what is the next thing you look for? What goes beyond those initial requirements?" Answer: She must say "I love you". Fr. Jim thinks she should be able to cook & clean. Bottom line: "I'll go out with the one that likes me."

1:15 am EST - 3rd question - "What movie do you secretly love but don’t want to admit for fear of man card revocation? Free pass to admit it and what is your FAVORITE part?" Answer: Love Actually. AND Lino just admitted that he almost bought the COLLECTORS EDITION of The Notebook. Glenn likes Mean Girls.

Okay, as a woman, I never saw the Notebook and I really disliked Love Actually. BUT, I LOVE Mean Girls. Glenn, you can have your Man Card laminated.

1:19 am EST - 4th question ... if God gave Lino a free pass to sin, would Lino take it? "oh yeah!" Besides, killing Maureen, he would commit a sin "of a sexual nature".

1:21 am EST - "Who would you rather go out for a bear with Fr. Rob or Fr. Jim?" (clarify - one beer at a time). Answer - Fr. Rob
"Who would you rather go to a Yankees vs Mets game with Fr. Rob or Fr. Jim?" - Fr. Jim
"Road trip to Mexico for Doritos, burritos, and tequila?" Fr. Rob
"Who's the better wingman for picking up chicks?" Fr. Jim. Lou comments that Fr. Rob would make Lino look better.

1:26 am EST - "Have you sent flowers to a woman?" Yes. Allicia offers that she wants flowers. Dustin, you okay? btw, Lino - I would like some flowers. My boyfriend wouldn't mind.

1:27 am EST - "Swimtrunks or Speedo? USA or Europe?" Whole studio groans. I think that means swimtrunks.

1:30 am EST - Chelsea raises her hand and asks Mr. Rulli if she can use the 'lav'. Mr. Rulli writes Chelsea's name on the board and gives her a Lino pass to use the 'lav'.

1:36 am EST - Glenn's favorite Bible verse - Proverbs 1:7

1:46 am EST - Lou's favorite Bible passage - 1 John 4:18

1:51 am EST - WE HAVE A CALLER! Norvena from Santa Clara, CA. Her verse is 1 John 4:8

1:53 am EST - Krista's favorite Bible verse - 1 Timothy 4:12. Modern translation - "hey, don't mess with us because we're kids"

2:03 am EST - Chelsea & Glenn share how they met. It involved the Wii in the basement of the Newman Center and a dance that sounds like a dance that you don't exactly dance in the basement of a Catholic student center. **Glenn, Chelsea - please teach me that dance so I can teach my boyfriend.**

2:05 am EST - some really cool girl calls in. The Astros are awesome.

2:08 am EST - Max from Chicago called in. Apparently there is a picture of John Paul II the Great (sorry Fr. Rob) that was stolen from Lino's apartment. Max asks the crew for plugs of why he should extend his 7 day free trial.


2:11 am EST - Kristy from Kentucky calls in and says that the Lock-In is great and it should happen once a month. Maureen, Lino, Fr. Jim agree. Lou wants a Lock-In several times a month (I think he was being sarcastic). Lino says he won't be Kristy's monthly visitor late at night. ** Insert Psycho stabbing sound clip theme **

2:15 am EST - Dustin from Arkansas calls in still sad about the Celtics losing to the Lakers. He thinks Lino should receive another Emmy for this Lock-In. Dustin asks what other hosts on TCC the crew may call at this obscene hour. Dustin delivers a "God bless you brother" that was apparently better than the lovely woman that called earlier. And the Astros are awesome.

2:18 am EST - Jamie from Kansas City (the other cop) calls in. He offers to deliver a breathalizer to the crew to see just how much alcohol Maureen has had to drink.

2:22 am EST - George from Colombus, Ohio is curious with a segment idea of Clean Catholic Joke of the Week. He tells a clean Catholic joke.

2:50 am EST - the crew understands the joke.

2:30 am EST - Who is better at guiding the souls of college-aged students: Lino or Fr Jim?
aka Who has the better minion?
Questions included:
- Doctors of the Church?
- What is the 5th Commandment?
- Patron saint of blessing the throats?
- Century Christianity was legalized
- How old is Pope Benedict XVI?
- How was St Peter martyred?
- How many books are in the Bible?
- In which city will the next World Youth Day?
- What does the word catholic mean?
- Who wrote Summa Theologica?

Krista the intern wins!!! (my prize - an 'n' at the end of her name)

2:50 am EST - Greg Willits suggest a prank call to the other Catholic Show hosts. Greg - what were you thinking??? Greg can't believe that Lino actually did it to him. Lino asks if Greg is clothed. HEY NOW! Lino tells Greg how much he loves him at nearly 3 am. Greg is still half asleep and meant that Lino should call one of the OTHER hosts. C'mon, Greg - get your head in the game!

2:53 am EST - Kristan is still giggling that Greg really didn't think that Lino would call him. Greg - have you MET Lino??

2:55 am EST - Yoda John suggests the show go 3 more hours. Yoda John can blog it next time.

2:58 am EST - Lino plugs Catholicguyshow.com (and, indirectly, the Boston Celtics and the Houston Astros)

Good night everyone!!! And for those who were Locked-In, please travel home safely!!!!

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14 Responses to Lock-In Live Blog

  1. Icebreaking might be the best segment in a LONG time :)

  2. Would love to hear them calling Gus!

  3. something tells me Gus will be called. And the Willits'. I'd love to hear Greg & Jennifer and the kids in the background ....

  4. Doug, In Kansas says:

    Icebreaking feels a little like reading the directions to a Margarita machine. Just crank that sucker up and let the magic happen!

  5. Good thing Fr. Jim got warned about smooching. Things could have gotten racy!

  6. I just though going with my boyfriend was creepy by itself!

  7. Any idea who the announcer is? He does EVERY bumper for the show.

  8. Todd says:

    Just wanted to let you two know you're not alone. :)

    Fr. Jim is showing no mercy to his college students. He pulled that man-card real quick.

  9. Sexual sin seems to always be the top answer to that question.

  10. My brother bought two bottles of "Kung Fu Girl" Reisling based on the label this Thanksgiving. They were definitely acceptable too! A nice drawing on the label was the decider for us! All I know is Two-buck-Chuck now costs three bucks where I live; it's an outrage, I tell ya! (and they don't even make a decent beaujolais).

  11. radiojoe says:

    Krista/Maureen Jr./Gary: Great job with the blog thing. Love the running commentary of the Lock-In. I don't know whose idea it was to blog the show but kudos to whomever that was! Unless it was Maureen's idea, in which case, Lino should reprimand her for not thinking of doing this sooner. Heyooo!

  12. Jennifer says:

    Kristan - nice job with the play-by-play! Thanks!

  13. aw, shucks. Dustin emailed me and asked me if I would live-blog since I'm temporarily on the west coast for work. This gave me a chance to say the snarky things I say in real life and put them online. It was a fun lock-in indeed!!!