Check out live coverage of the event streaming HERE. Or watch these embedded videos. Lino is scheduled to appear at 1:15 1:30 eastern, although coming a few minutes early would be a great idea, so you can be comfortable, in your chair, ready to watch from the opening moment.

Free video chat by Ustream

Free video chat by Ustream

I'm here at the Catholic New Media Conference. I will do my best to update all day long.

Well the opening keynote by Fr Reed was great, he was funny smart and clearly faithful.

The first breakout session for the Blogger Track was writer of

I will be posting tonight with a LOT more information, I ran out of battery on the ipod touch. Thankfully there is a bank of computers internet ready here in the lobby of the Boston Pastoral Center (which is a REALLY nice Pastoral Center) so I am able to expand here on a few things.

Lino's Keynote Speech was really funny. I think he might just have a few new followers from the audience. He did make mention of his lack of Peadody Award which here in massachusetts is pronounce more like peebuddy rather than the standart Pea-Body pronunciation of the rest of the country. The croud here at the conference is very welcoming and I have met many of the Catholic Celebs I never thought I would meet.
I will provide links and more in a few hours.

This is a really cool conference and it is great knowing all these people have the same intentions we do about sharing God's message more readily (of course we do ours with a slant in the Lino direction, but who could blame us for loving such a cool guy with so many Emmy Awards)

;) Ambassador Allicia reporting from Boston (with a shiny ring on her left hand!)

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  1. FrChip says:

    Dead on accurate reporting.. Fr. Reed and Lino were both awesome and it was so nice to meet Ambassador Allicia and her shiny new ring as well as many others...I had a blast and hope to use the knowledge gained. Peace.