Learning from Gus

There's always room for improvement in all of us. Since nobody is perfect, it makes sense that people can always grow and improve.

That said, here is a list of things that Gus Lloyd does that we think Lino should try and do.

1. Be on the radio in the morning. You mean I only get Lino for three hours a day? Bologna! We deserve more Lino! Perhaps Lino could do the morning show in addition to the afternoon show every now and then! Who wouldn't want to wake up with a swarthy Italian man?

2. More Foo Fighters. Let's face it: The Foo Fighters might just be the greatest band ever. Three of its albums won Grammys, and every album they've released has been nominated for a Grammy. Pink Floyd and The Beatles can't say that! That said, there's only a few seconds of Foo Fighters music played after each break: Gus allows his music to play for 20-30 seconds. The Foos deserve more airplay.

3. Longer shows. While part of the show is taken up by Vatican News and Daily Mass, Gus is on the air for 3 hours and 15 minutes (approximately), while Lino only gets three hours. We believe that Lino should emulate Gus and give us 15 extra minutes of pure Catholic pleasure.

4. A producer with a cool accent. Gus has a producer named Emily with an awesome German accent. Maureen speaks boring american. We believe that Maureen should pick up a solid British or Aussie accent. That would be swell.

5. Do cool stuff on the weekends! Ever see Gus Lloyd's web site? He's got all of these scenic photos from trips he's taken. He goes on motorcycle trips. Writes a daily blog. Lino on the weekend? We have no idea what he does, but it darn sure isn't riding a Hog! We think Lino should have a more rollicking social life like Gus. We also think he should become a biker. The Catholic Biker: It's got a nice ring!

On a serious note, we would love for Lino to start his own blog. I think it would add great content to an already-amazing show, and would allow us to peer into his brain a little more often. He could keep us updated on all the projects he does, educate us a little more about the faith, and provide another form of entertainment.

Plus, have you seen THIS blog? It can't be that difficult to do, and for a talented guy like Lino, it should be a piece of cake.

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