Life lessons from Lino

While today is a Gus kinda day, I felt the need to take a time out from the Seize the Day host and talk about Lino. A few days ago, I was listening to some old shows that I had recorded, and came across the April Fools Day show in 2009, in which Lino took over for Greg and Jennifer Willits on The Catholics Next Door.

It was a fun show, and really interesting to hear Lino without any dead weight dragging him down. What struck me as great about that show was hearing Lino talk about Natural Family Planning, and the enthusiasm he had for the idea.

He relayed a story about a former girlfriend not being very enthusiastic about the idea (after marriage), and that stubbornness leading to the end of the relationship. Lino mentioned on air several times that he would definitely be open to life when and if he gets married.

My bride Allicia made the remark to me that it was that mindset that truly made him The Catholic Guy. Here's a guy in his late 30s, and instead of taking the cheap way out and compromising his beliefs so that he could hurry up and find someone, he's staying true to The Church.

It's one thing to say how much you love The Church on the radio. It's another thing entirely to surrender your heart, mind AND BODY to Christ. Talk is easy. Living the life that God calls you to do might be the hardest thing in the world to do.

Thank you Lino for illustrating to us what it means to walk in the faith. Thank you for an amazing show, and thank you for surrounding yourself with great people on the air. Happy Birthday, and may God bless you on your trip to Italy.

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