Today's daily poll question "You're lost in the woods for hours, who would you want to run into first?" got me thinking.  Who would be the best and worst candidate? If I were stuck in the woods for hours what does each person have that would make the others less valuable in that moment.  I think it is worth exploring the pro and con of meeting each person while being stranded in the woods!

As Music Monday has taught us, being general only begets confusion and mockery, therefor I will lay this out in as much detail as I can think of after a long Monday at work: The Catholic Guy Show Crew and Guests are on a leisurely Saturday hike in the woods (like as a teenager when mom and dad think it is a good idea to explore nature when all I want to do is stay on the beach with my friends)... half way through the nature reserve/national park/forest a bear comes and everyone scatters. (Of course it wasn't a real bear, it was Lino's Dad stumbling around and grumbling because he stubbed his foot, but we didn't know that at the time did we!)

Now, who do you want to run into first? Clearly we don't want to run into the "Bear" but what is is about each Catholic Guy Crew Member that would make us run to them across the field? ... or keep running in the opposite direction for that matter!

Pro: Great conversation- I mean if I'm gonna be stranded in the woods for hours I know he has the stamina to keep a conversation going for at least 3 hours. And Purell, I imagine I would have fallen at least once, clumsy, so the purell would be good for taking care of minor wounds.
Con: He'd probably just commiserate and help complain rather than contributing to finding our way out of the woods... and does moss grow on the north side of his nose, or the east?

Pro: We could use her cigarettes to create a smoke signal to get the heck out of there! She'd be fun to get stuck with too. We'd have a grand old time gabbing away like school girls!
Con: She probably didn't pack anything practical and we'd probably get sidetracked chatting about nothing important and have such a good time we would forget about getting out of the woods. 

Pro: He's clever, he probably has a map and compass in his bag even though no one told him to pack one. He's good for a protein bar I've heard, and since he is always at the gym he could just chop down trees with his bare hands to find our way out. 
Con: He's probably faster and smarter than the rest of us and already found his way out, in fact, he is probably sitting in the car wondering how long the rest of us are gonna take to find our way out. (I hope he calls the forest ranger!)

Father Rob
Pro: He's got a deck of cards and all the booze. I certainly wouldn't mind being stranded in the woods if I could play a few rounds of Go Fish or Black Jack while becoming inebriated. Yep, that would lessen the pain of being lost in the woods.... And there's that whole Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick thing- he's got that going for him
Con: Probably wouldn't be too much help in getting out of the woods. I know the woods can be scary, but he is from Queens, wouldn't you rather be stranded in the woods too!

Feel free to comment your thoughts on why the crew would be good or bad to be stuck in the woods with. Make sure to visit Lino and Friends on Facebook

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lino - I like the new look with hat and goatee...definitely ups his ante in the "cute factor". As a matter of fact since he seems to be having trouble with the ladies and since I am 100% Italian maybe he's consider...naaaa bet not. :)