The new kid in town

According to our friends at Lino Watch, Ryan Grant is the new assistant producer on The Catholic Guy program with Lino Rulli.

And, according to the site, he's a former listener! What? We got passed up for that gig AGAIN? Ugh!

In all seriousness, I heard part of Ryan on the show today (missing most of it because work on Mondays doesn't allow me to hear radio due to the business), and I gotta say, at first I thought I was listening to Ryan Stewart, as the two sound very similar. I'm very anxious to hear more about Grant though: mainly what it's like going from listener to paid lackey. We got a sneak peak at what that was like when Krista the Intern, who began as a listener and moved up to intern status, so it will be fun hearing what it's like from someone who heard the show the same way we did.

Hopefully by the end of the week, we'll have more info on who this Ryan character is.

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