Meet Lino's new dating coach: Fr. Rob?

Lino! Really? You were asking Fr. Rob for advice on how to approach a woman?

Ok, so you see the woman lectoring at church, and she makes "eye contact" with you a couple of times, and you were completely distracted all during mass by this woman (who you describe as the "marrying kind") and in the end, you never even spoke to her? Even Fr. Rob knew that was a missed opportunity. He was giving you some sound advice before he started speaking in his creepy Muppet voice and laughing hysterically in the background.

So, you felt starting up a conversation out of nowhere after you already blessed yourself with holy water and were heading out of the church would be awkward. That makes sense. What about just going back to that parish again and waiting for an opportunity to present itself? I never met anyone who learned to swim without getting in the water. You're at church. Say hello.

Where is Anthony Buono when you need him?

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