The best and worst of Lino Rulli's Twitter, 7.24.11 through 7.31.11

Lino Rulli is very proficient when it comes to Twitter. He tweets on a daily basis, free of charge at Sometimes his tweets are solid, other times not so much. Each week, we find four tweets of Lino's that are solid, funny, and worth the time it took to read, and then we find a dud. Hey, nobody's perfect.

The best
Brett Favre is trending again. If he's not going back to the NFL, I think he should take Weiner's seat in Congress.  - July 24

NFL players & owners agree to terms. There WILL be a season! Sadly, the Detroit Lions are already mathematically eliminated.  - July 25

Looks like Donovan McNabb is coming to my Vikings! We love old QB's. I haven't seen this many old guys since the last Papal Conclave. - July 27

Just boarded the flight to NY and didn't get upgraded to First Class. Where is God when you need Him?  - July 31

Another restful night of sleep in a hotel. Thankfully, no woman tried to break in and steal anything or I'd have had to Trebek her. - July 31

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