Lino the enigma

Just when I think I have Lino figured out, he says the exact opposite of what I expect him to say. This past week during his “advice” segment, he threw me for a loop. He had been asked to “settle a bet” for a woman who was seven months pregnant and who complained that her husband continued to go out, drink and have a good time when she couldn’t. The husband felt it was ok for him to ask her to be the designated driver so he could drink, and the wife felt it was selfish of him to drink in front of her when she couldn’t and to go out with his pals and have a few, while she sat home cooped up with her big belly.

Of course, I expected Lino to side with the guy. Fr. Rob certainly did. His take on it was that the father should go out and have fun while he could because after the baby was born, he’d be stuck at home helping with the baby. Lino, on the other hand, said that the husband should indeed stay home with his wife, not drink in front of her, and not go out with his buddies. He may not have agreed with the premise exactly, but he said he would do that for his wife, since she didn’t want him to.

Lino = self-sacrificing? Who knew? (This is the same guy who told his dating coach on the air last week that he was “making out” with a girl on a city street at the end of their afternoon date.)

So I guess one of the things we love about him most is that he keeps us guessing. We can never really know what he is going to say or how he is going to react.

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  1. I tried to call in on that segment. I thought Lino was very selfless with his stance. Trust us Lino, that line of thinking is really going to impress the right woman someday!