Tweets of the week

In addition to being a funny guy on Catholic radio, Lino Rulli has turned to Twitter to entertain us. Some of the tweets are solid, while some of them inspire groans. Here are some of our favorites, along with this week's dud Twitter update (hey, not every tweet is a winner.

As always, you can decide for yourself by following Lino Rulli on Twitter, using the screen name @linorulli.

Fun tweets.

Going to the beach. I'm not saying it's hot as hell there, but many of my liberal friends say the place I'm going doesn't even exist.Sat Jul 23 14:00:08 via Twitter for iPhone

Today the Church celebrates St Mary Magdalane. You remember her, she married Jesus and moved to France. #danbrownisstillamoronFri Jul 22 15:02:48 via web

A day like today makes me wish Harold Camping would have been right... #miserabledayThu Jul 21 23:51:48 via Twitter for iPhone

I was designed to lay on the couch. RT @LT_TheBiblegeek Fish Swim. Birds Fly. We give glory to God by doing what we are designed to do.Thu Jul 21 15:55:48 via web
And your groan of the week:

Archbishop Chaput is now archbishop of Philly. In surprise move, Pope names Chaputs replacement in Denver: John Elway.Wed Jul 20 14:18:02 via Twitter for iPhone

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