Lino's Answered Prayer

Unlike the song that this slightly-talented Garth Brooks wannabe sings, Lino did have answered prayers. He revealed on his Facebook wall that he had an answered prayer at 7:27 p.m. Friday, most likely in the form of a new producer.

We think its a new producer because when Maureen left the show, he specifically said he had someone in mind, and asked the audience to pray for that person to say yes. And he left another comment on his wall Friday that read, "Oh and I forgot to mention...yeah it's good news. Prayer answered affirmatively."

We have some guesses as to who this might be, but we'll keep our trap shut, mainly because we don't want to mention someone awesome, then someone less-awesome takes the job and fails to live up to the hype.

If Lino mentioned it on his wall on Friday though, there's a very good chance we'll get an update on Monday's show.

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1 Response to Lino's Answered Prayer

  1. lktallo says:

    I think he finally succeded in stealing Baba Booey away from Howard Stern...