Save The Catholic Channel?! Maybe Mama Rulli can.

The wonderful (as always) episode with Mama Rulli playing Hickety Pickety really got me to laughing....and thinking.

Recently there was programming cuts and changes at The Catholic Channel.....mainly Bob Dunning's show being cancelled, and other shows rescheduled. Interesting how they put Lino's replay in the difficult 10 PM Eastern time slot.

I was very unhappy about the cuts and changes and complained like a good Catholic. I did get a personal reply from Joe Zwilling, the program director. He did explain that there were some budget cutbacks and they hope to bring Bob back someday. Well, that's going to take some money!

I don't know anyone who enjoys those awful Life, Love, and Health commercials except to goof on the things. I don't really like the Notre Dame sports, but they DO bring in some money. In our difficult economic times, let's not turn away money.

I had a meeting yesterday so had to catch the replay of The Catholic Guy. So here I am in bed, having a wonderful happy laugh at our precious Mama Rulli, and her son, of course. The more I hear her, the more I love her.

My suggestion: why don't we have Lino and his Mom record some commercials for TCC and play them throughout the day? That would sure get my attention! I've been going through some difficult times lately, and the laugh at Hickety Pickety, especially Esau Seesaw (Hairy Old Testament Guy and teeter-totter) made my heart much lighter. Thanks Lino and Mama Rulli! Love you both!!!

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