Countdown to Glory - 19 days

With 19 days until The Predicament turns 39, we thought we'd start a countdown of sorts (what happened to our countdown this weekend? The goal? Take each day's readings and find a way to apply one of the passages to the life of Lino Rulli. And then, we have something VERY special waiting for Lino on October 26...and no, it won't require a restraining order. Yes, we would have done a 39-day countdown since he'll turn 39, but we're not paid for this, and as such, we show signs of laziness now and then, much to our amusement Lino's annoyance. Enjoy!

Gal 3:1-5
O stupid Galatians!
Who has bewitched you,
before whose eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified?
I want to learn only this from you:
did you receive the Spirit from works of the law,
or from faith in what you heard?
Are you so stupid?
After beginning with the Spirit,
are you now ending with the flesh?
Did you experience so many things in vain?–
if indeed it was in vain.
Does, then, the one who supplies the Spirit to you
and works mighty deeds among you
do so from works of the law
or from faith in what you heard?

Sometimes it seems like Lino can be a little mean on the air. Most of us know that it's in good fun, but sometimes the goofing can sound a little mean. But don't tell that to St. Paul, as he calls the Galatians stupid in this Bible verse.

Paul's "name calling" might sound harsh, but the man was frustrated. It's the same book in which Paul says he wishes those who frustrated him would just castrate themselves  (5:12). And calling the Galatians  stupid wasn't done just out of immaturity: Paul had a point he wanted to make, and being outrageously blunt was the best way to do it.

So when Lino goofs on a priest or a crew member, don't get mad at him: He's just merely following in the footsteps of St. Paul

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1 Response to Countdown to Glory - 19 days

  1. Kristan says:

    what about when he goofs on a caller who also is a fan club writer? ;)